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The reality of pedophiles ruling the world becomes ever more revealed as we discuss the fall of modern celebrities such as James Gunn, the heiress to the Seagram's company as well as Dan Harmon, the creator of the hit show Rick n Morty. Unfortunately, this is a topic we're becoming all too familiar with as we become desensitized to the reality that those in positions of power truly crave dominion over those that are helpless. I think the recent verdict of a guilty Oklahoma Senator, Ralph Shortey, explains my case, who himself has had a hand in human trafficking.

As if this weren't disturbing, the pervasive infiltration of pedophilia and sexually deviant behavior in society, schools, education and culture, we're slowly beginning to see the roll out of other authoritarian measures; it's as if one page turns into another. From Californian's being charged for regulating their water use down to 55 gallons a day, a proposed bill in New Jersey would essentially tax people even more (a total of $32/year) for usage, somehow, we've become the primary people paying to live on the planet. Now, we have a Democrat congressional candidate, Scott Wallace, calling people who have more than two children "Irresponsible Breeders".

Worry not, scientists at the Cambridge University are working diligently on artificial embryos. Who knows, maybe they'll team up with the Transhuman scientists who plan to attend their own funerals. Indeed, the world we're moving into mimics science-fiction, or maybe they've used it as a guide book.

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Show Notes
What if we're all sane, but everyone else is insane? Shit doesn't make sense.
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