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We're joined by the intrepid Rizza Islam this week on Fellowship & Freedom! To say this was an introductory episode would be an understatement, as this is the beginning of a long discussion on a wide variety of topics, breaking generational curses and exposing synthetic culture constructs being only the beginning. Initially, I had reached out to Rizza to speak to him about Islam and the recent Surviving R. Kelly fiasco, but like many conversations on the show we gravitated to more pressing issues.

Rizza is known for his community activism and being involved in a wide variety of outreach programs, and these days I truly believe that's where most of us need to operate; Social media is only one dimension of the type of unilateral work we need to undergo. It's always interesting hearing how people come to this type of awakening and enlightenment, and after hearing Rizza's growth into this, it should resonate and explain what could only be explained as his path forward. Having these types of discussions are surely like speaking with a kindred spirit.

From the fake war on drugs, war criminals like George Bush Sr., social disintegration, the rapid decline of mental health within America and so much more, this is an episode you won't want to miss. We even get our own dose of "Rizza With Facts" as Rizza breaks down things like Atrazine, Paraquat, Bisphenol-A, and a number of other gender bending chemicals added to the American water supply all in an effort to feminize and emasculate the modern American male. This and more are only the surface of what we get into in this seasonal switch up!

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