Factions Of Freedom: Magnum Opus, Tapping Into Tesla & Dimensional Existences ⚠️

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We take a hard roll down the proverbial rabbit hole in this edition. The concept of hiding knowledge that's already known creates a false allure which drives many away from the true pursuit of that knowledge, and all this really achieves is the successful misdirection and falsification of truth. Humanity is at an age unlike any before, drowning in information but starving for knowledge.

There are many ways to attain knowledge during one's pursuit of truth, and great individuals like Nikola Tesla serve as a shining example of such feats. Even now, we are still unraveling the ramifications of his apparatus' and inventions! And yet still, we're playing catch up to the past, to remember that which has been forgotten.

Episodes like this, we take a step back and analyze, not only the times we're in, but the importance of choice, determination as well as understanding some immutable truths. If everything is constantly happening, where does it end? With us. We are the reference point for so much, and the greatness that many seek must be forged, not taken. Earned, not given.

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Here, takes these! I've already sounded crazy, see how it looks.
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