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We're joined in this information packed episode by Charles Kassin of @TruthIsTerrorism. His latest work includes delving into things like the Vegan movement, and why organizations like CNN are promoting Veganism and taxing meat. Where have we heard this type of talk before? In relation to the technocracy and the Georgia Guidestones.

The elites have a plan to keep us systematically under passive control, they don't want people with inspirational energies empowering others, and one way to this, is to keep the masses engaged on their own shackles; How can we fight an enemy that provides us with the tools to destroy ourselves? Charles and myself take a hard look at the people versus the person, with the rise of collectivist thinking.

Programmed people, stuck in their indoctrinated ways, unable to see the blinders that have been intentionally equipped on them. The staggering lack of discernment being promoted among even the so-called conscious community is dangerous, as well, but as we move forward into this New World Order, all we can do is expose injustices and zig when they zag.

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Social Engineering, Dehumanizations & Scrambling The Future [2nd Time On]
Denaturalization, The War on Health & Behavior Modification [3rd Time On]

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    Roy Borrego aka illumibuddy (Sunday, 04 November 2018 10:55)

    Loved the show, always great content, and gets your mind going. Thank you!