Fellowship & Freedom: Mass Hysteria, Domestic Saboteurs & The Purge of Consciousness ⚠️

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We take a break from having on amazing guests to basically talk about the increased assault against alternative media as well as the rising insurrections. Things are gradually evolving from political rhetoric to domestic terrorism, bordering mob rule and civil unrest. This hasn't slowed down though, that's what people need to understand, it's only intensified.

As we delve into that problem, we pivot into how populations have become domesticated, almost desensitized, not only to the chaos, but to the idea of never finding resolution. If the population becomes passive, they're essentially asleep-at-the-wheel automatons of an authoritarian regime. What's even more wild, the very same people cheering on our destruction are co-opting the government for their own means.

While talking about this organized indoctrination into legalized lunacy, I pose the question: What if outrage is the new drug? In a desensitized society, we'll do anything for attention, even if it means us harm, and judging by our current state of affairs, it seems like we're on that path. People look for reasons to be outraged, triggered and upset, but can't fathom the possibility of stepping up and being courageous. Certainly, we have interesting days ahead.

P.S. For you celebrity followers, we touch on Kanye and what he really meant by going to the White House.

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