Factions Of Freedom: Neofeudalism, New Social Contracts & Health Based Manipulation ⚠️

*This broadcast was a Instagram Live on (06/28/2018)

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Maybe because we archive information in the way that we do, we're able to see certain trends develop and patterns that form. Let it be known that I don't have all the answers, I'm merely offering my opinion from a 1000 ft. view on the wide variety of topics that I see, daily. What brings us all here is my wanting to clarify statements and at the same time, elaborate on some existing ones.

The elites aren't intending to keep everyone around, and if they are, it'll surely be in a state to where you're not a threat. The announcement of The Space Force, the building of Trump's Wall, destroying ideologies such as Capitalism, Communism & Socialism are all part of an overarching agenda to systematically enslave the population. As we're fighting among ourselves, fires fo the flame being stoked by everything conceivable, a totalitarian government is in the background expecting chaos to unfold, from which they offer security.

While taking some of your questions and trying not to get too derailed, I try to explain how we are also being targeted through our health - one of the very last things many think of. With Bayer and Monsanto merging, Harvard announcing its own chemtrail operation and the FDA approving it's first cannabis based drug, the times that we're moving into require hyper vigilance.

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Neofeudalism, New Social Contracts & Health Based Manipulation
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Neofeudalism, New Social Contracts & Hea
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