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Podcast · 14. June 2019
It's the Season 8 finale! That's it, folks! We're finito!
Podcast · 01. February 2019
Imagine all the work that needs to be done on this planet...

Podcast · 25. January 2019
Season 8 Premiere
Research · 21. November 2018
A new UN agreement, which almost all member states plan to sign in December, propagates the radical idea that borders must be opened and a “new world” created, where mass migration – for any reason – is something that must be promoted, enabled and enshrined as a “human right.”

Podcast · 20. November 2018
Various issues, broken down.
News · 06. June 2018
Bayer plans to complete its $63 billion acquisition of Monsanto on Thursday after receiving all required approvals from regulatory authorities.

Research · 14. March 2018
Up to 412,000 deaths a year in the U.S. can be attributed to lead exposure, according to a new study published Monday in The Lancet Pubilc Health.
Research · 24. February 2018
Scientist claims that telepathy between humans will be a reality by 2050 but have no particular evidence to support their claims. However, it is noteworthy that this article reveals a larger plan: an “open source platform for humanity”.

Research · 13. February 2018
Environmentalists are targeting your hamburgers and buffalo wings with a “Meat Tax.” And they claim they have “never been closer to a meat tax.”
News · 06. February 2018
The government of South Australia wants to create the world’s largest “virtual” power plant, and it’s tapping Elon Musk’s Tesla, Inc. to do the job.

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