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News · 22. May 2018
China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reported on Monday that over 11.14 million instances of individuals not being able to board flights – and 4.25 million similar incidents on trains – had occurred “by the end of April.”
News · 15. February 2018
FBI Director Christopher Wray informed the Senate Intelligence Committee that Chinese intelligence operatives have infiltrated American universities, “whether its professors, scientists, students;” the FBI must launch surveillance operations from its fifty-six field offices to monitor the situation.

War Time · 12. February 2018
A submarine with AI-augmented brainpower not only would give China’s large navy an upper hand in battle under the world’s oceans but would push applications of AI technology to a new level, according to the researcher, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the project’s sensitivity.
News · 11. January 2018
Chinese officials reportedly demolished a Christian church on Tuesday, detonating bombs to bring down the house of worship.

Research · 08. January 2018
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an activist, or even just a person who speaks out against injustice on social media in China? You might end up stripped of your ability to do every basic thing you need to do to survive.
News · 08. January 2018
Bitcoin rangin the year Peter Thiel-inspired ramp following reports that the People’s Bank of China is preparing to crack down on bitcoin miners.

War Time · 03. January 2018
The world's second-largest economy, China, is poised for breakthroughs in cyberspace, says the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Beijing wants to be in the forefront of the booming digital economy.
Research · 20. December 2017
China may be one of the most polluting countries on the planet, but it is investing in sustainable technologies at a rapid pace to reduce its impact on the environment, as well as benefit citizens’ health.

Research · 19. December 2017
A Zhima Credit Score, similar to a U.S. credit score, but much more in-depth, is beginning to dominate how Chinese interact with one another, and the kinds of business transactions they are able to make.
Research · 12. December 2017
The BRICS counties are considering starting an internal gold trading platform, according to Russian officials. When this happens, the global economy will be significantly reshaped, and the West will lose its dominance, predicts a precious metals expert.