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Podcast · 31. May 2019
World Elites are meeting again, but Mueller Report... Download the show notes!
Podcast · 27. April 2018
We have scientists at the Salk Institute that are conducting experiments where human brains, grown from stem cells, are being implanted into animals. "Advances" such as these indicate a number of things, all of which lead down weary roads.

News · 01. March 2018
The concept of “policing in the 21st Century” is not only the implementation of a range of high-tech surveillance measures, including biometrics, but apparently also involves keeping it a complete secret from citizens … and even from their elected representatives.
News · 05. February 2018
One Whole Foods employee says, “The ‘nano’ management is downright insane”. Welcome to Technocrat madness and a future vision of dysioian Technocracy for the rest of society if Big Tech isn’t stopped.

News · 31. January 2018
License plate readers have become ubiquitous with multiple agencies and police departments creating billions of scans. Furthermore, the data is being aggregated for use in a single giant database that will allow the movement of a single car to be mapped.
Research · 05. January 2018
This is a press release from Nissan and the last line says that they will use a ‘simulator’ to demonstrate at the giant CES slow. In other words, they are faking it for now, but claim they are the first to develop such technology.

Research · 04. January 2018
You may have the best poker face in the world. You may choose to keep your feelings close because you consider your emotions nobody’s business but your own.
News · 12. December 2017
Yitu Technology has made an AI algorithm that can connect to millions of surveillance cameras and instantly recognize people.