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Podcast · 14. June 2019
It's the Season 8 finale! That's it, folks! We're finito!
Podcast · 03. May 2019
The Summer of Rage is here!

Podcast · 12. April 2019
Reality is getting a little strange, eh?
Podcast · 01. March 2019
Back at it, to the helm of hysteria.

Podcast · 08. February 2019
Righteous indignation is sweeping the nation!
Research · 21. November 2018
A new UN agreement, which almost all member states plan to sign in December, propagates the radical idea that borders must be opened and a “new world” created, where mass migration – for any reason – is something that must be promoted, enabled and enshrined as a “human right.”

Podcast · 06. July 2018
It's the Season 7 Premier episode! It's almost like we never left!
Podcast · 11. May 2018
Each week we're slouching towards an irreversible future, and with each week, comes it's own set of hurdles and challenges, new distractions and parts of agendas unfolding.

Podcast · 27. April 2018
We have scientists at the Salk Institute that are conducting experiments where human brains, grown from stem cells, are being implanted into animals. "Advances" such as these indicate a number of things, all of which lead down weary roads.
Research · 02. April 2018
Over the past 35 years, I’ve been showing how elements of the Brave New World are coming together. Lately, I’ve been focusing on 5G wireless, the Internet of Things, gene-editing, and DNA-altering vaccines. We now have a very important piece of the puzzle: artificial embryos. A chilling prospect.

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