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Podcast · 17. May 2019
Chasing drama will lead you nowhere.
Podcast · 10. May 2019
The carousel keeps on turning over here.

Podcast · 03. May 2019
The Summer of Rage is here!
Podcast · 19. April 2019
Where do we go from here?

Podcast · 12. April 2019
Reality is getting a little strange, eh?
Podcast · 29. March 2019
Previous Episode: SN806: Sovereignty Crackdowns, The Calls for Culling & Withstanding Silent Killers Part 2 of 4: #19 Codex Psychedelica on The Wayfinder Podcast Watch or Listen Below: Intro: Demons by Crest Of The Syndicate Outro: Need Input by Oscillian For two years the American people have been deceived by mainstream media. People have lost friendships, families have been fractured and our country nearly brought to the brink of war, all due to the, now flopped, Russian collusion hoax....

Podcast · 08. March 2019
Justin Harvey of We Are Change Orlando joins us!
Podcast · 01. March 2019
Back at it, to the helm of hysteria.

Podcast · 08. February 2019
Righteous indignation is sweeping the nation!
Research · 01. February 2019
The Earth itself, has a heartbeat, known as the Schumann Resonances.

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