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Podcast · 12. July 2019
Previous Episode: 901: Technocratic Foundations, Clashes of Cultural Control & Corrupting InnocenceFreedom Legion's Space Force Tee [Use Promo Code NINER for 30% Off (At Checkout)] Watch or Listen Below: Intro: 3RR0R [FUXWITHIT Premiere] by L'Homie Outro: Comet by Europaweite Aussichten China has let people from the BBC in to interview students of their "Thought Transformation" Camps, this is just another way to say re-education camps. In fact, if this is physically being carried out by...
Podcast · 05. July 2019
Wake up, it's time to go.

Podcast · 14. June 2019
It's the Season 8 finale! That's it, folks! We're finito!
Podcast · 07. June 2019
2019 is bordering biblical.

Podcast · 31. May 2019
World Elites are meeting again, but Mueller Report... Download the show notes!
Podcast · 17. May 2019
Chasing drama will lead you nowhere.

Podcast · 10. May 2019
The carousel keeps on turning over here.
Podcast · 03. May 2019
The Summer of Rage is here!

Podcast · 19. April 2019
Where do we go from here?
Podcast · 12. April 2019
Reality is getting a little strange, eh?

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