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Podcast · 05. July 2019
Wake up, it's time to go.
Podcast · 31. May 2019
World Elites are meeting again, but Mueller Report... Download the show notes!

Podcast · 12. April 2019
Reality is getting a little strange, eh?
Podcast · 25. January 2019
Season 8 Premiere

Research · 20. November 2018
The report found more than 30 million Americans' drinking water is contaminated with atrazine, a known endocrine and reproductive disruptor linked to increased risk of preterm births and fetal deformities.
Podcast · 25. June 2018
We're taking a rather unexpected, but much needed moment to address this so called "Space Force" announcement and it's connections to many other unfolding agendas.

Research · 11. May 2018
Optogenetics, neuroscience’s hottest mind-control tool, just got a major update. Projecting 3D-light holograms—yes, holograms!—directly onto a mouse’s cortex, engineers at UC Berkeley instantaneously gained control of dozens of neurons at once.
Podcast · 27. April 2018
We have scientists at the Salk Institute that are conducting experiments where human brains, grown from stem cells, are being implanted into animals. "Advances" such as these indicate a number of things, all of which lead down weary roads.

Research · 02. April 2018
Over the past 35 years, I’ve been showing how elements of the Brave New World are coming together. Lately, I’ve been focusing on 5G wireless, the Internet of Things, gene-editing, and DNA-altering vaccines. We now have a very important piece of the puzzle: artificial embryos. A chilling prospect.
Research · 15. March 2018
Technocrats of all stripes have such a low view of humanity that there are no boundaries in tinkering with genetic restructuring just for the thrill of doing so. This is ultimately based on the religion of Scientism which posits that all truth is exclusively discovered through science.

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