Factions Of Freedom: Normalizing Disorders, Third World Warfare & Generational Manipulation⚠️

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I speak about the eb and flow of the natural world, in this episode, and how these days, it seems like we're just being pushed. A quickening of some sorts is taking place and we are all passengers aboard the vessels, and is this acceleration takes place, many will find themselves caught in wake of change. Ours is a society built on authority and supremacy, and as this society shifts its powers, remnants of these ideologies will struggle for dominance, and yes, survival.

While I cannot deny the massive global changes taking place, America is in a modern day epic struggle for it's identity. Waking up from it's generational drug-induced coma, these United States have found themselves at the heart of the battle for freedom, individuality and even rationality,  to some degree, but because we've been asleep for so long, our chances are looking dire.

As China publicly announces it's first gene-edited baby, American's are fighting for the rights to change their genders. Mental health disorders are on the rise in the states, with suicide being up 34% since 2004. New York State Senator Jose Peralta recently passed away from "septic shock" brought on by his recent vaccination. Now, I ask you, where are we to go from here? Only time will tell if people continue to be victimized by these unseen forces.

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Have you ever tried to unscramble eggs? Yeah, that's 2018.
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