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This migrant caravan is much more than a lot of people think. Some on the Right will tell you it's an invasion, while those on the Left will tell you they're displaced workers, looking for employment. What I'm gonna tell you is this a perfectly timed political issue with far reaching applications.

When looking at all the socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues that comes with such an event, it can never be rendered down to a simple solution. Strangely enough, the concept of mass migration and an immigration invasion is something we've touched on before, ironically enough, the Pentagon has trained for it.

We're seeing a rapid rollout of military equipment to deal with this foreign threat on our doorstep. If it sounds familiar, you may have done some research into things like Jade Helm 15 or even Thunderstorm Spiral.If you are unaware of both of those are, they're operations which have been designed to take on domestic threats, and with over 14,000 immigrants magically showing up on the southern border, I'd say that counts.

JadeHelm15 [Explore]
UWEX16 [Explore]
Thunderstorm Spiral [Explore]
Operation Gotham Shield [Explore]

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