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We're coming up on our 3 year anniversary mark for the podcast and let me tell you, things are just the way they should be. If you would've told me that wanting a podcast, or simply stepping into speaking about these issues would entail as much as it has, I would think you're crazy, and yet, here we are talking about eugenics, the manipulation of our realities, senses and minds.

The news has been hot with words from Kanye West as Donald Trump is praised for his work with the alleged unification of North and South Korea, and all the while, as this is taking place on the global, political theater, we're seeing developments taking place within the private, corporate sector of countries. Not only are these developments happening within corporations, but they're also happening within the biomedical field as well.

It's almost as if there's no end to the growing curiosity of technocrats and humans. Scientists are literally using holograms to hack the senses of people, with hopes of supposedly being able to restore the sight of the blind with manipulation of light signals within the brain. All of these developments are key in understanding the depths of the rolling out of 5G and the establishing of the Technocracy.

But don't worry about these things. Don't worry about Homeland Security releasing information on Remote Mind Control. Don't worry about the Pentagon conducting exercises in rural New Jersey. Don't worry about the Thought Police known as Group Think and Hive Mind Mentality that's creeping. Nope, pay attention to Kanye! Or, feel free to become the ideal serf Franken Pope Francis wants you to be.

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