Fellowship & Freedom: Plant Medicines, The Power Of Cleansing & Preternatural Perceptions ⚠️

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We have a renegade yogi by the name of Andre, or shall I say, Devajeet Singh, of @DrDre81 join us this week on the show! This isn't your garden-variety, frat house Shaman who's taken a bunch of psychedelics and can't distinguish reality from the trip, in fact, it's quite the opposite with this episode. You'll hear from Andre himself as he explains his transition from your modern day revolutionary protestor turned activist, to the insightful teacher.

We're seeing an abundance of drugs, environmental toxins and pollutants that are truly altering our cognition and behavioral patterns than many care to admit. Unfortunately, we've collectively grown up in a society which actually shuns the recovery process while simultaneously encouraging self-destructive and damaging behavior. So ask yourself, what would it look like if you were trying to clean yourself up and truly detach from the matrix?

Humanity operates on many levels, most of which remain hidden, and it's this form of purposeful secrecy which keeps us domesticated and indentured. Andre and myself take the time trying to cleverly explain what it actually means to fight the ego and realize that you have the tools you need to heal yourself and others. Join us as we analyze the mind of man in chaotic times, questioning things like immortals among us, if we're extraterrestrials and so much more!

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