Factions Of Freedom: Politically Correct Paradises, The Borderless World & Anomalous Ailments ⚠️

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As predicted by many, the increasing intensity of domestic terrorism and civil unrest hasn't resolved itself in our country. Here in America, we're dealing with what seems like a tornado of issues; crises which took decades to comprehend are being foisted upon us daily. Information changes us and we are being purposefully overloaded into pacification.

In a world of alleged abundance, drawing the line is an audacious thing. As society continues to devolve and degrade itself, we're asking others to wallow in our own self-pity and self regard, abdicating our own power and rights to a system designed to usurp them. All this new world requires is your obedience.

What better way to subdue the population into submission than overwhelm them with misinformation while simultaneously poisoning their resources? You'll rot their brains and their minds, making them ripe for rule. The days of collectivism are upon us and many don't have the mental fortitude to say no.

October Surprise: Siege & Secure America! [Watch/Listen]

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