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As California reels from the devastating unnatural wildfires that seem to plague it, we're seeing a level of lawlessness like never before and it's only going to escalate. Believe it or not, people have looted evacuees homes, but I doubt you're surprised. AntiFa has stepped up it's "hit list" while Facebook is purging police accountability pages like Cop Block and Police The Police.

It's almost as if the chaos is being ushered in. From abnormal and unnatural environmental disasters to the weaponization of smart cities, social media and emotional manipulation, normality seems archaic. It's either that or the foresight and reality of those multiple migrant caravans reaching the borders, but don't worry, it's all part of the plan.

You see, the exterior world has become too harsh and real for many, so they turn to their phones and the censored reality presented to them, via their black mirrors. China has begun construction of an artificial sun which is hundreds of times stronger than our own, while creating an automated newsreader (I'm out of a job!) that will say whatever they want. With all this chaos coming and going, you have to ask yourself, "Do you even trust your own eyes?"

Aaron Russo, The Plan of The New World Order (2006) [IGTV]

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