Factions Of Freedom: Revolution Collusion, Scoring Society & Fiascos of Our Future ⚠️

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Look around you and tell me you don't see the seeds of division purposefully planted among our people. This isn't merely a domestic issue here in America, insurrection has been sowed across nations and those seeds have just now begun to flourish. We're entering a new age of controversial conversations and shady understandings, and all of this is caused by the paranoia being promoted and propagated by those at the top.

While these seeds grow, the technological elite quietly sit and observe the growing variations of dissent; the spectrum of survival. Consciously calculated steps which only lead towards more confusion. Facebook, Google, Amazon and various parts of China are now engaging in what can only be described as the Social Credit System, where everyone gets a score for everything they've done and ever will do. What kind of life is that?

Pondering mortality is enough for one soul, but now, with our technologically enhanced society, we are being inducted into a world where our moves, at one point, will not be our own. Recent information has been leaked on Google's Selfish Ledger, where they use A.I. to augment the lives of it's users. Our futures have been reduced to formulas and algorithms that we may or may not have control over.

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Reap The Seeds of Division
No secret words this time boss.
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