Fellowship & Freedom: The Digital Mafia, Disrupting Health & The Planned Syrian Conflict ⚠️

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I'm back from my much need and very unexpected hiatus talking about all of the increasingly wild developments taking place. We haven't even successfully addressed the gun control issue without being confronted with another challenge; we're now in a tense situation with Russia and Syria. As if that weren't enough, Mark Zuckerbot was in front of a Senate hearing where he faced puny threats, being lectured by politicians who have a history of doing the very same thing!

Indeed, we are living in strange times, and they're only shaping up to become that much more wild. Can we avert a war with Syria? General Wesley Clark of the Pentagon previously spoke of how "the plan" was to attack seven countries in five years; Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off with Iran. With War Mongers are the wheel and de-escalation looking like a pipe dream, what does that mean? Or, is that just the hype of the mainstream media?

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