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With each season of the podcast, our ability to present information changes, and so does our approach, and with this particular volume of The Paranormal Perspective, you'll notice how we've interwoven current day issues, such as The Satanic Temple releasing their Hail Satan? documentary and the University of Chicago essentially talking about CERN dissolving reality, into it. As time moves forward, so do theories in their evolution, and we've spoken about this and more throughout this series. We've touched on things like UFOs, aliens, the abduction phenomenon and even Sleep Paralysis, however, this volume is intentionally ambiguous.

This ambiguity is, in part, designed to illustrate the gradual slide into realizing the very paranormal world we find ourselves living in. This episode is mixed together with news and articles to show how, in a larger sense, how the world itself is affected by the supernatural, and how it has lasting effects on people and thus, society. People may not think what they've experienced as life altering, but what happens whenever these life altering experiences become the norm? So much so that people begin to seek out these strange happenings? What happens when the dark comes knocking for you?

It's the beginning of Summer of 2019, and while people may not be focused on the paranormal, I can assure you that, indeed, the paranormal has been focused on the people. Our days are beyond science-fiction, and with this new reality burgeoning, humanity is undergoing a massive, yet subtle, shift in an attempt to rise. In doing so, we're developing new senses and abilities to perceive things, and random gems like these remind us of that fact.

If you've had a paranormal experience or some kind of supernatural encounter, please, don't hesitate to let us know!

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