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In an epic display of what can only be described as otherworldly knowledge, Leslie of Our Cosmic Day joins us to give me an in-depth Star Chart Reading. There was no particular framework or set up for this episode, Leslie merely asked for some vital information, date of birth, time of birth, things like that, and from that she was able to get a pretty accurate reading on your host. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I'm not too familiar with the workings of subjects like Astronomy and Astrology.

How this random encounter even occurred gets discussed in the broadcast, which also plays a part in the timing, synchronicity and effectiveness of the episode. There is an obvious war on consciousness, and it's one where we're having to unlearn what we've been taught, and at the same time reintroduce ideas to help liberate humanity from its current predicament. This type of 'spiritual science' has long been demonized and criticized by the Roman Catholic Church as being demonic. Could it be that it offers a level of insight not found within the bible?

We're not strangers when it comes to looking into the abyss, and given the current political climate, it would be wise to seek council from outside sources for other purposes. Indeed, we definitely live in a time of great mystery as well as revelation. You'll hear this, my history, my future and more in this insightful broadcast between two totally random people. Try not to laugh at my faults, I know I do.

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