Factions Of Freedom: Toppling Symbols, Reality Warping Technology & The Birth of Beta-Borgs ⚠️

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New week, new hurdles, different perspectives and it's all chaotic. One week we're dealing with shootings, another we're dealing with international affairs, other times we're having domestic upheavals and it just so happens that, as this spattering of back-and-forth continues, we're being slowly governed. Most cannot see that order from chaos which is being imposed on us nearly every week.

Are you aware we're going through a form of deconstruction? It doesn't seem like it's happening simply because of the scale in which it needs to develop for society to be affected, but surely, there are seeds for a reformation taking place. During these chaotic times, we're going to be tested, not only for Technocratic purposes, but also personal reasons. Will we turn a blind eye while society is reshaped in front of us to a world void of individuality?

We constantly hear "They Live, We Sleep" and everyone wants to "Stay Woke", how many remain vigilant? What does constant resistance to an ever creeping system which only seeks to indenture and enslave look like? Could you admit that you've been programmed? Let's bring consciousness and awareness into this matrix they're constructing.

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