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We take a break from having consecutive guests on to address a rather monumental announcement about the global direction; the "creation" of a space force. Recently, Donald Trump announced that he wants the Pentagon to establish a 6th branch of the military - The Space Force. For people who are more conspiratorially minded, this isn't as much of an announcement so much as it is a declaration.

What kind of declaration comes from creating a whole new branch of militaristic service? It's the standard of living, unilaterally, that will be uplifted. This is a push from, the now labeled, Deep State to advance technology while simultaneously trying to establish global dominance and control. This isn't just about the military industrial complex coming to rise after years of siphoning off of the American tax payers, this is also about the congruence in which these shadowy organizations are moving in.

These plans have been uncovered and discussed time and time again, the only thing that's different is we are now no longer speculating, we're living in the reality of these decades old agendas. From the harvesting and management of food and resources, as brought to us by the 1963 plan, Codex Alimentarius. Episodes such as these begin to connect some of the string-theories and dots between the announced plans by organizations like The United Nations and World Health Organization.

Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are closer than a lot of people think and the U.N. is actively looking to achieve its Sustainable Development goals.

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