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This recent shooting that took place in Florida may not have been a false flag, but it sure does indicate where we are as a society and how we feel towards life, death, entertainment and our attention. I think it's almost fair to say we've been desensitized to traumatic events, and unless they garner some form of "attention", it doesn't matter. It's the reason we go over America's failing health, diet and nutrition. We take a look at things like the Hidden Hunger and how corporations are profiteering off of selling you "food products" which lack vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

If this is what we consume on the daily, physically, taking a look at what we expose ourselves to mentally and socially, shouldn't be that far off. We are reaching a point to where humanity no longer wants to be humanity, and because of this self-loathing being propagated, atrocities like what Monsanto has caused in Argentina are being ignored, all the while the military industrial complex grasps for more power, by augmenting ours. If they're not radicalizing individuals domestically, they're transforming them genetically.

Humanity is in the cold steely hands of the Technocrats. The New World Order is being erected all around us. China is silencing people of faith within their own country. Archbishops within the Catholic Church are calling for Pope Francis' resignation. Indeed, we are witnessing a change, but for what, I don't know.

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