Fellowship & Freedom: Veganism, Unnatural Assaults & Dodging Indoctrination ⚠️

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We have the pleasure of having on Jesse of @VeganTake0ver on to talk about a whole host of issues. Jesse is one of the founders of the @BrownPaperBagMovement, which is a local organization that goes around delivering vegan food to the homeless, as well as offering haircuts and other services all for the price of free! You'll hear Jesse's passion when it comes to paying it forward, and how being health conscious is how we empower ourselves, others and simultaneously give back to the environment.

We dive into the episode looking at things such as diets, sustainability, food farms, parasites, and how everything that we're seeing and digesting is all unnatural! We address the depths of things like Chemtrails as well as how the majority of the assault against humanity is designed to create "parasite friendly" environments for these diseases and sicknesses to flourish. However, this is only one angle, it's not just our health which dictates our mental state and longevity, but it's also society, culture and to a degree, what we consider modern medicine.

You won't hear these types of topics on mainstream media. This type of systemic attacks against humanity, common sense, nature and much more, are part of an organized agenda to demoralize and desensitize the population. Episodes like this restore your faith as you hear activists, callers, our guest and myself all stand up for trying to build a pro-human society and culture in these dangerous times.

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