Factions Of Freedom: The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 5 ⚠️

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As a Season 6 Finale, I compile a list of strange and eerie tales regarding the paranormal - continuing our Paranormal Perspective series. It's never easy trying to find a commonality between these stories, but it is always intriguing to investigate what may cause these kinds of interactions or even what triggers some of these events. We have multiple tales of people, growing up and living in haunted houses. Who knows what this could do to someone's psyche as well as their interpretation of what we call reality

If "growing up paranormal" doesn't strike you as the least bit odd or even intriguing, how about the actual statements of someone whose cast out, combat and commanded demons? This is a very real phenomena, and with each edition of the series, parts of this mystery become clearer. You, the listener,viewer and reader yourselves, are becoming aware of the paranormal! This is a global shift in awareness towards a once-thought enigma.

When studying this type of information, you'll also learn that there are, at times, certain periods, or seasons, of strangeness. One of these commonly known periods is Halloween, the thinning of the veil where supposedly the worlds - the world of the living and the realm of the dead - are closest. If this is a phase of time in which many are familiar, how much more often could these types of... thinnings be taking place? Are they natural? Are they man-made? These are questions that we've wrestled with our entire lives, yet we're still unable to find definitive proof.

Join us as we close out an action packed season with tales of things even stranger than reality.

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The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 5
6 whole pages of spicy paranormal goodness.
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