Podcast · 12. January 2020
Heavy hitters from
Podcast · 23. January 2019
Rizza Islam joins us on Fellowship & Freedom!

Podcast · 19. January 2019
Check Out The United for Common Ground Summit Watch or Listen Below: We're back from The United for Common Ground Summit and it's about time we told you good folks what happened. Besides exchanging ideas of freedom, revolution, renaissance and change amongst like minded individuals, we fleshed out a number of probable strategies that will help us improve our endeavors for the future. Events like these take time to digest and in our modern world, it's hard to really take the time to appreciate a...
News · 12. January 2019
We're going to be there! Come out to support free speech!

Podcast · 09. January 2019
Patrick Vinson of The Daily Ember joins us!
Podcast · 03. January 2019
Level Ups. Tune in LIVE! Audio or video.

01. January 2019
Our first documentary on The Matrix.
31. December 2018
We're partnering up with Nu Leaf Naturals to bring you a safe alternative to Tylenol, Advil and any other type of garbage Big Pharma tries to give you! Be sure to check out the links and download the PDFs.

Podcast · 28. December 2018
A year full of social engineering.
Podcast · 26. December 2018
Leslie Galbraith of @OurCosmicDay joins us to talk about the paradigm shift and more!

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