Podcast · 13. March 2020
An epic 8 hour, 4 part series with Adam Nix & JC Abbott of The Wayfinder Podcast
Podcast · 12. January 2020
Heavy hitters from

Podcast · 06. December 2019
Podcast · 22. November 2019
Previous Episode: 919: Unstable Horizons, Smart Domestication & Corrupting Peace Last Time On: Debate: The Sphere Earth Against The Flat Earth - Post-Debate Round Up With Charles [Watch] Watch or Listen Below: Intro: STUCA by Jadū Dala Outro: Stricken by HOUNDTRACK Normally we have guests on our weekly Sunday show, Fellowship & Freedom, but this week we decided to switch things up. Our guest, is returning from his social media hiatus at a critical juncture in the flow of information;...

Podcast · 15. November 2019
Podcast · 08. November 2019

Podcast · 07. November 2019
Ezequiel Reyes of Ezequiel's Healing Tools joins us!
Podcast · 01. November 2019
SN917 - Happy Halloween! 🎃

Podcast · 25. October 2019
Previous Episode: 915: Political Vendettas, Climate Extinction & Anti-Humanism Building Better Bodies, Creating Healthy Spaces & DNA Activation with Carolina Rocha of Sunlight Nutrition The Secrets of Freemasonry [Listen] -- The Secret Space Program [Exclusive Members Only] Watch or Listen Below: Intro: Higher by DREVMOutro: Sleepless by FRIGID The problem with shows like ours is whenever reality hits and we're confronted with the harder choice of continuing instead of theorizing. We...
Podcast · 24. October 2019
Carolina Rocha of Sunlight Nutrition joins us!

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