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Lionsgate Energy, Manifesting The Moment & Inspirational Ripples (Tue, 20 Aug 2019)
 Last Time On: Hidden Human History, Practicing Mindfulness & Rediscovering Wisdom Adam Nix of The Wayfinder Podcast joins us again to break down the  energetic effects of things like The Lionsgate Portal and actuating real  world change. Earlier in the week, Adam and myself had a powerful  discussion about the changes that need to occur within the conscious  community, and how, unless we begin to dig deep in our intentions,  they'll become misguided. Self-centered behavior and the dangers of the  ego are common topics on the show, but in this edition of having Adam  on, we take a deeper look into how people can discover their purpose. In  a world that is becoming increasingly automated, robbed of it's  individuality, it's easy to see how the denizens of such a world could  lose sight of their purpose. This is precisely why negative viewpoints  are being projected onto the population, because very few people have  figure out how to effectively convert those opinions into positive  action; this alchemical procedure plays a heavy role throughout the  entirety of the transmission. Many don't know how to listen to their  soul, and thus, they are unable to transmute these detrimental  situations into beneficial outcomes of their choosing. As always,  it's a power packed episode with our brother of a different mother of a  different color, and it's all meant to exemplify to you, the audience,  that self-realization and manifestation are universal concepts, it's all  about how the individual goes about that process that determines the  outcome. Adam joins us for this non-stop, information packed episode to  break down to you great folks abotu understanding what is V.S. what can  be. Strap yourselves in, because Adam's back with a whole new approach  to the work! Adam's Information: Website [Bookmark] Podcast [Subscribe]
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