Fellowship & Freedom: Mass Indoctrination, The Protocols of Zion & The New World Order with Robbie Dee & Marte Martin ⚠️

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We have on Robbie Dee & Marte Martin from The Underground Resistance Network on to talk about the waterfront of issues. Right off the bat, we jump into what's going on with this recent shooting, and how the lapdog, puppet media has a ready-made story, complete with a overnight movement. The ultimate goal of the elite is to disarm the public and make them more subservient!

After spending some time discussing the agendas at play by the mainstream media, we start jumping into who really controls things - The men behind the scenes. Many are focused on the trivial hurdles thrown at us that we can't see, or understand, those at the top who are doing the throwing. The Secret Covenant. The people who have been, and will continue to orchestrate events for their gain.

There is much that we can all learn from one another. Shows such as these only confirm that, indeed, if we do not understand the oppressors, we cannot understand the oppression - we'll find ourselves living in a velvet cage. This world, as it increasingly becomes hostile, emotional and irrational, has been systematically manipulated into the positions we find ourselves in today. Now that we're aware of it, what are we to do?

Strap yourselves in because I'm not doing most the chatting in this episode. Robbie & Marte get on the mic to expose these wicked Zionists for all their intentions, their organizations, agendas and more. This isn't a beginner level episode, that's for sure.

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    J'Lun (Tuesday, 06 March 2018 16:40)

    Ive known that this world is messwd up and that the government is behind it. I have always try to tell myself its not true (even though ik its true) just to comfort myself. But this video not only puts the truth in plain sight, it helps me know more of what I need to research. This also helps me know what to avoid. It also gave me a little hope that we can overcome the govrnment. But the only way we can do that is by instead of ppl calling us paranoid conspirists, they actually do research on websites that arent government funded. Thank you for this. It puts everything into perspective, even religion, idk if I should believe it, oe if its just another thing used to munipulate ppl. But anyways, thx again, cant wait for yoyr next podcast.