Fellowship & Freedom: Flat Earth Cosmology, Lies Of The Elites & Perception Manipulation ⚠️

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We have Jay of @Truth_Is_Our_Religion & Jay of @J_Decasby on to talk about one of the most controversial topics of these days; Flat Earth. In this episode, we try to break down, incrementally, the different aspects of this ever-burgeoning discussion. Things like debunking NASA, the history of Freemason, conducting experiments, observable science and other esoteric aspects such as Sun Worship and Columbus’ New World.

We’re no strangers to tackling tough topics, but that’s what we as Truth Seekers should be familiar with; uncovering the hidden and connecting the dots. From 1947, post World War 2, to disclosed government operations like Operation High Jump, Fishbowl & Dominic, we track down the mysterious trail of alleged moments where the true nature of our world has been called into question. To this day we find ourselves still questioning the complexities of our reality, all because those in control either refuse to agree upon a central narrative or try their hardest to distort what we do understand.

There’s no way we’re able to encapsulate all of the information required for this level of discussion in one episode, we’ve only scratched the surface! As a researcher myself, I can appreciate the hard work that goes into explaining these theories and conducting experiments to confirm and correlate the information. The Jay’s of Flat Earth do their thing, exposing the growing authoritative religion commonly referred to as Scientism and speaking on the growing cognitive dissonance within society and the conscious community. Join us as we take some hard rolls down the rabbit hole!

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All things wild and crazy. Don't worry, we don't stop.
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