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Podcast · 03. May 2019
The Summer of Rage is here!
Podcast · 09. January 2019
Patrick Vinson of The Daily Ember joins us!

News · 06. February 2018
The government of South Australia wants to create the world’s largest “virtual” power plant, and it’s tapping Elon Musk’s Tesla, Inc. to do the job.
Research · 11. January 2018
A proposal to build the world’s largest thermal solar plant has been approved by the South Australian government. It paves the way for the construction of the AU$650 million (US$512mn) facility by a US-based company.

Research · 10. January 2018
Geospatial technology tracks things that move (ie, people, vehicles, etc.) in the context of why they move and for what purpose. Technocrats seek to track everything in the world, all of the time, for the purpose of command and control over those things. This is the essence of the Science of Social Engineering that Technocracy purports to implement.
News · 21. December 2017
If Silicon Valley green tech giants have their way, real meat will become an unaffordable carbon taxed luxury item eaten by the very rich. The rest of us will have to eat “meatless meat” – meat flavoured mashed vegetables and lab grown tissue cultures.

News · 18. December 2017
In a move that reverses a major component of Barack Obama’s globalist agenda, President Donald Trump will reportedly remove climate change from a list of national-security threats.
Research · 18. December 2017
Population fear-mongering is a total fraud, similar to global warming, used to drive the U.N.’s Sustainable Development agenda.

News · 30. October 2017
Pope Francis has called for a meeting of world leaders and religious figure heads to discuss advancing New World Order policies such as population reduction and a one-world government.
News · 26. October 2017
Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a new mega-city across its borders with Jordan and Egypt which will be entirely powered by renewable energy.

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