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It's holiday season and I'm sure many can attest to the fact that they don't really feel that so-called Christmas Spirit or whatever mysticism comes with the end of the year. This is supposed to be a time of great self reflection, acknowledging ones achievements and, as our guest says, dropping our leaves. Adam of the Shamanic Philosophy Podcast joins us to talk about things like the spirit of renewal, speaking in symbolism and how our language, currently, restricts us from attaining these higher state of consciousness.

Our current culture is so obsessed with the politics of the status quo that we can't see that the constant harping is inhibiting our ability to truly marvel at the times we are in. We ignore the fact that, globally, we are a living entity, we all exist simultaneously and as you grow, so do I. That's why its important that during such a seemingly chaotic time, we grab hold of ourselves a determine which way we're trying to go. It's through willpower that we are able to create our world and influence others.

Aside from mentioning a number of great authors, conscious musicians and meaningful ideas, our guest shares with us his thoughts on things like alternate timelines, our existence in a multidimensional fractional state, the beauty of duality, the divine masculine and sacred feminine and so much more. Initially, I wanted to get Adam's opinions on things like magick, and even the weaponization of it, but in doing so we talked about so much more. If you don't feel the power after this one, I don't know when you will.

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