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Part 1 of 4: #19 Occult Government Experiments on The Wayfinder Podcast

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We're joined in this time-restrictive, information packed teaser of an episode by Adam Nix and JC Abbott of The Wayfinder Podcast! Recently, I had the honor of traveling to Texas to record a 4-part, 8 hour series with our two guests, some of which we go over in this episode, and in doing so we hit every topic we can going down the proverbial rabbit hole. Prior to these in-depth, lengthy discussions, we had been heavily focused on the effects of things like psychedelics and their impact upon humans, and thus, society. Our guests helped elaborate on these notions and more.

Throughout the entirety of the broadcast, we speak on the dimensions of emotional control, self awareness and effective spiritual practices, and why becoming conscious of your own actions and emotions is essential for progressing in life. Often, being emotional creatures, we are subject to the whims of whatever recently upsets or disturbs us, however, catching these emotions, and recognizing the effect will enable you to empower yourself to make better, more conscious decisions. Little known techniques such as those are what are fundamental to grasping higher understandings.

Mr. Nix, the host of The Wayfinder Podcast, in his typical astute manner has carved out what he's considered the 18 emotional spectrum of humanity, all of which range from happiness to sadness. Coupled with identifying the range of emotions, our guest has fleshed out roughly 6 habits within ones life that enrich their overall experience.Things such as practicing gratuity, being grateful and giving thanks are mundane things which reveal a worlds worth of wisdom. Tune in as we tease this monumental collaboration.

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