Fellowship & Freedom: Delusional Authoritarians, Cultural Castration & Gender-Realism ⚠️

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Strap yourselves in for the most American episode we've had yet, with our last minute guest Brad Burris, host of the Crush The Opposition podcast! Little did I know before having Brad on, that he was the Chapter President for The Proud Boys of New Mexico! That's right, in one of the most informative and hard hitting episodes we've had yet, we talk about all kinds of issues our country is facing, and how it's our responsibility to not only deal with the issues but to provide effective solutions.

There is a growing psychosis within the modern day "Left", and I say that because they have been intentionally hijacked by radical international interests that seek to usurp our rights; it's the false song of globalism, and now, we ask ourselves questions like, "Is it okay to even be American?" This type of Cultural Marxism becomes the theme throughout this transmission as we dive deep, explaining how the continual cucking and capitulation within society is forming a deep wedge between those who lust after powers versus those who offer it up. Where will people draw the line?

The chemical and cultural castration of the modern day American man is without a doubt a prime example of the overarching issue; people don't care. We need to restore our natural values, while rediscovering the ones which created even the semblance of individual wealth, otherwise, we're willingly abdicating our future and power to those who are undeserving. With our guest we speak about this, the importance of brotherhood, men being men and so much more!

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