The Wayfinder Podcast: Journeys Of The Psychonauts [Parts 1-4] ⚠️

Prologue : Hidden Human History, Practicing Mindfulness & Rediscovering Wisdom [Watch|Listen]

In this epic four part discussion with Adam Nix and JC Abbott of The Wayfinder Podcast, you will hear things that will shatter your perceptions of reality. This transmission literally transcends time and what we think of as space, because all throughout this deep dive into the nature of reality, we question, not only our existence, but our choices and perceptions. This isn't a series that should be watched as a whole, by all means, it should be something that is slowly digested and reflected upon!

Part 1: Occult Government Experiments [Watch|Listen]:
In this introductory installment of the 4-part series, we begin to set an esoteric base about the topics we'll be covering. Looking at things such as God, mysticism, spirituality, and more, we kick off this broadcast by going all the way in. We start the trip early by busting out documents such as Project Grill Flame, Project Sun Streak & Project Center Lane and more, all of which indicate our innate psychic potential, things like Psychokinesis and the governments curiosity surrounding them.

Part 2: Codex Psychedelica [Watch|Listen]:
From Adam Nix A.K.A. Shamanic Philosophy: As far as I can tell, this is the best comprehensive conversation available on the internet regarding psychedelics. Why should you consider embarking on the shamanic journey? What are the risks? What's it like? Three guys with a range of perspectives spend 2 hours breaking it all down in this video and it's so worth a watch for anyone interested in learning about these mysterious and magical substances. DMT, Psilocybin, LSD... all are powerful and transformative medicines that should not be taken lightly. This is the video I wish I'd found long ago to help guide me on my journey.

Part 3: Exploring The Unseen: Secret Science & Techno-Sorcery [Watch|Listen]
From Adam Nix A.K.A. Shamanic Philosophy: In this episode we dig deeper into the mystery and madness this series has explored so far. We kick off with declassified documents that detail secret government experiments on mystical and metaphysical practices and methods, then move onto a story I heard recently about the famous magician John Dee, and the idea that he may have used magic to make contact and dealings with entities from another dimension - with grave consequences for the rest of humanity. We discuss quantum computing, and how the founder of D-Wave (leading quantum computing company) openly admits that their system works by tapping into other dimensions and stealing resources from massive, cosmic entities. We end with commentary on Artificial Intelligence and what the reasoning and implications may be for humanity. We mix in some discussion on “Hollow Earth”, remote viewing, and more.

Part 4: Sensible Spirituality [Watch|Listen]
From Adam Nix A.K.A. Shamanic Philosophy: Wrapping up our 4-part saga on The Wayfinder Podcast we discuss methods for integrating all the spiritual and mystical concepts we've discussed in the previous parts, in order to lead a fulfilling and sensibly spiritual life.

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