Fellowship & Freedom: The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 6 ⚠️

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We take a side step away from the increasingly pressing issues like censorship, civil unrest and growing mental instability, to talk about the paranormal and supernatural. These types of episodes are powered by you the listener, reader, viewer and followers. If you didn't submit your stories and have the courage to put them out there for the world, others wouldn't know they're not alone.

While it is important to be informed on the daily matters we're being faced with, I think it's also important to take a step back and find perspective; Asking questions like, "How did we get to this point?" They say hindsight is 20/20, and as we progress further into this New World Order, this Scientific Dictatorship as put forth by Tech Giants, we must remember that humanity is much more than 140 characters.

Americans are undergoing a rapid shift right now, one that is firing at every single aspect of what we think of as normal. Our mental, emotional, moral, political, philosophical and spiritual stances are all being challenged as we're being berated with issue after issue, and while being informed is important, knowledge is much more essential. Truly, what we're seeing take place in America is a physical manifestation of the country's spiritual schism.

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The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 6
6 pages of spicy supernatural stories! Enjoy!
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